Teacher Dan Lawrence

NewThe Passover

East Independence Local - Teacher Dan Lawrence - 04/12/1998
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FiledArticles of Faith and Practice

Temple Lot Local - Teacher Dan Lawrence - 07/12/2009
Topic: We believe in the powers and gifts of the everlasting Gospel. There are diversities of gifts but all are the same Spirit. It is the same God that worketh all in all.
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FiledThe Work In Mexico

Temple Lot Local - Teacher Dan Lawrence - 05/10/2009
Topic: Here Dan shows pictures of his last trip down to Mexico and shows how God is working with the people to fulfill the scriptures.
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FiledRetirement Plans

Temple Lot Local - Teacher Dan Lawrence - 11/09/2008
Topic: Talks about the Parable of the Rich man. The one who dies with the most toys doesn't win. Don't trust in uncertain riches, but trust in the living God. The Lord resists the proud.
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Temple Lot Local - Teacher Dan Lawrence - 11/23/2008
Topic: Heaven isn't about us. It is a state of eternal thanksgiving for God. A Thanksgiving sermon that emphasizes giving thanks through singing, praying and showing gratitude to God, now. Thank Him by sacrificing our wants, desires and our belongings.
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FiledFight the Good Fight of Faith

Temple Lot Local - Teacher Dan Lawrence - 01/27/2008
Topic: Verses that contain action verbs show us what we should be doing and what our actions should be if we are to 'Fight the Good Fight of Faith.' A good sermon for those of us with new Bibles so that we can highlight each of these wonderful scriptures.
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Temple Lot Local - Teacher Dan Lawrence - 10/21/2007
Topic: A scriptural exploration regarding the two sides of the anger discussion. Bullet points include: 'The Physiological effects of anger', 'Righteous Indignation', 'Intolerance' and "Be ye angry and sin not" the most misunderstood verse in the Bible.
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FiledPrepare to Serve God

Temple Lot Local - Teacher Dan Lawrence - 04/15/2007
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FiledGod's Love

Temple Lot Local - Teacher Dan Lawrence - 06/10/2007
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FiledSpiritual Gifts

Temple Lot Local - Teacher Dan Lawrence - 02/28/2010
Topic: God gives us gifts for our use and expects good things from it. We need to open, admire, and use the gifts God gives us. We must use our gifts for the Lord. Eternal Life is the greatest gift. Will we except his gift or set the box down and not open it?
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NewChoose Life

Ohio Local - Teacher Dan Lawrence - 06/14/2009
Topic: Why did God create us?
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Spanish Service - Teacher Dan Lawrence - 01/31/2010
Topic: -El deseo de seguir a Dios se manifesta al deseo para ser buenos Christianos. -Todos nosotros somos parte del cuerpo de Christo pero cada uno tiene su funci'on. Y cada uno puede usar su don depende la medida de su fe'. La fe proviene del don de Christo.
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NewSpiritual Renewal

Phoenix Local - Teacher Dan Lawrence - 12/06/2009
Topic: Seven ways that we can improve ourselves in serving the Lord.
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NewServe the Lord with all your heart

Temple Lot Local - Teacher Dan Lawrence - 11/15/2009
Topic: Prepare to meet God that your names may be written in the Lambs book of life. Serve the LORD with gladness: come before his presence with singing. Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise.
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NewSpiritual Renewal

Temple Lot Local - Teacher Dan Lawrence - 10/11/2009
Topic: Strengthen prayer, read the word daily, heal spiritual wounds, recognize the importance of spiritual education, consider your personal service to the Lord, diligently strive to eliminate sin from your life, and share the good news of the gospel of Jesus.
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