Priest Martin Addie

NewWhat is the Difference?

Michigan Reunion - Priest Martin Addie - 06/08/2013
Topic: What is the difference between us and Laman and Lemuel? Don't we sometimes mourn like Lehi also?
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FiledForgive and Repent

Collins Rally - Priest Martin Addie - 10/18/2009
Topic: We need to forgive our brothers and repent of our pride of possessions.
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New York Reunion - Priest Martin Addie - 06/27/2010
Topic: The tiniest sin causes far-reaching, negative polluting consequences and effects many. Be mindful of the example that you set for others because by your example you can cause others to sin.
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NewEaster Preparation

Colorado Reunion - Priest Martin Addie - 06/11/2011
Topic: Our spiritual life can be compared to a road trip. We need to research salvation, study our travel guides (Bible and Book Of Mormon), and plan a route to our goal to prepare to meet Jesus.
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Colorado Reunion - Priest Martin Addie - 06/09/2012
Topic: Testimonies need to be shared to support and encourage others.
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NewAnimal Shelter Comparisons

New York Reunion - Priest Martin Addie - 07/13/2013
Topic: A comparison of pets and people and how they seek attention. Do we respond as God would?
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NewAre We Willing?

Temple Lot Local - Priest Martin Addie - 11/15/2009
Topic: Here is given the declaration of King Benjamin's speech to the people. Are you spiritually prepared to meet God? The members of the Church of Christ need to be willing to understand God`s will and do it.
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NewGeography Lesson

Colorado Reunion - Priest Martin Addie - 06/13/2009
Topic: You have to have a plan for your goals if you are to reach them. Do we ignore the obvious expecting there will be plenty of opportunities along the way?
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