Elder Robert Oldham

NewA Christmas Sermon

Collins Local - Elder Robert Oldham - 12/15/2011
Topic: Christ is the greatest gift to mankind.
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NewWe Each Can Serve

Phoenix Reunion - Elder Robert Oldham - 11/23/2012
Topic: God is in charge and we can have peace in following.
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NewThe Gift Of The Gospel Restored

Teleconference - Elder Robert Oldham - 04/10/2011
Topic: This sermon reminds us to value and treasure the gift we have been given in the restored gospel.
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East Independence Local - Elder Robert Oldham - 08/21/2011
Topic: God's gift of free agency can be used for serving Him or serving Satan. You choose who you serve everyday. Make God your choice and see the many blessings He has for you and His people.
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NewAre You Aware God Speaks

East Independence Local - Elder Robert Oldham - 05/15/2011
Topic: God still speaks, we need to seek Him and be about His work.
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NewFree To Choose

East Independence Local - Elder Robert Oldham - 08/21/2011
Topic: Study of the prophecies of Samuel the Lamanite and Jonah and how they relate to us today.
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NewAttend To Righteousness

Teleconference - Elder Robert Oldham - 07/10/2011
Topic: Depend on Christ for salvation. We can't do it alone. It is our choice to give our all to God and attending to our righteousness.
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NewSeek The Lord

Teleconference - Elder Robert Oldham - 05/22/2011
Topic: We need to go to God for the understanding of prophecy.
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NewThe Value of God's Word

Colorado Reunion - Elder Robert Oldham - 06/11/2011
Topic: The security of this life and the life beyond can only be found in the word of God.
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NewOf one mind

East Independence Local - Elder Robert Oldham - 03/14/2010
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NewStand up for what is right

East Independence Local - Elder Robert Oldham - 05/16/2010
Topic: We need to stand and testify, but we cannot do this in an offensive manner. We don't want people to be turned off.
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NewRighteous Gifts

East Independence Local - Elder Robert Oldham - 01/18/2009
Topic: A comparison of our family inheritance and our heavenly inheritance. God desires to give us good gifts, however, He has a right to withdraw them.
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NewThe Greatest Gift

Ohio Local - Elder Robert Oldham - 12/14/2008
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Filedprotection of our faith

Phoenix Local - Elder Robert Oldham - 03/04/2007
Topic: We must exercise our faith thur good works so the mysteries of God might be reaveled.
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NewEternal Life

East Independence Local - Elder Robert Oldham - 09/09/2007
Topic: none given
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