Elder Mike Hitt

NewComing Out of Egypt

Teleconference - Elder Mike Hitt - 02/27/2011
Topic: We need to come out of Egypt. We need to face our trials, remember the good that God has done in our lives and not complain like the Israelites did.
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NewWhat's It All About?

Teleconference - Elder Mike Hitt - 07/18/2010
Topic: You must choose. Serve yourself or love and serve God by obeying his commandments. A command is not an "option". A hardened heart will lead you to blindness. Remember your first love- The Lord. Repent and keep your eye single to Him. He loves you.
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NewWhat Do We Want?

Temple Lot Local - Elder Mike Hitt - 01/23/2011
Topic: What do we pray for? Are our desires those of Christ's?
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NewCan You Be More Saved?

Ohio Local - Elder Mike Hitt - 08/30/2009
Topic: What does it mean to be saved?
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NewA Father's Blessing

Ohio Local - Elder Mike Hitt - 06/21/2009
Topic: Words are strong. We must watch closely the words we say to others.
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NewGreat and Marvelous

Ohio Local - Elder Mike Hitt - 12/13/2009
Topic: This is a study of the revelations of Christ and how they apply to our daily life.
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NewThorn In My Flesh

Temple Lot Local - Elder Mike Hitt - 11/22/2009
Topic: In the scriptures it says we will have tribulation; for when we are weak we are strong with the lord in prayer.
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