Elder John Case

FiledA New Hope

Ohio Local - Elder John Case - 12/21/2008
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Ohio Local - Elder John Case - 03/22/2009
Topic: How do we make our decisions and what motivates us in making them?
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NewWorks of Faith

Ohio Local - Elder John Case - 09/29/2008
Topic: Central in knowing good from evil is faith and how we apply it in our lives. The just shall live by faith. Don't be impatient and draw back -- have faith and wait on the Lord's will. Review your values and make sure they are not traditions of men.
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Ohio Local - Elder John Case - 08/10/2008
Topic: If you are focused on God, the most important thing in life is your light, which is the light of the Lord. Rejoice in Him and praise Him. When the love of God is our first priority, He will help us accomplish many good things.
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NewLove and Liberty

Ohio Local - Elder John Case - 11/09/2008
Topic: Christians, at the time of Moroni, did not attack those that did not believe the same way they did. They treated each person justly and equally. We are to do what we know to be right; to teach others, cast aside differences, show our faith by our works.
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NewPoints of Origin

Colorado Reunion - Elder John Case - 06/07/2008
Topic: Why do bad things happen to seemingly good people? Major changes come with major disasters. This gives opportunity for growth to those who survive.
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NewUse the Lord's Counsel and His Work

Ohio Local - Elder John Case - 11/25/2007
Topic: We need to rely on Gods personal revelations to us and His scriptures instead of erroneous traditions of men to identify what God wants us to do. We must endure to achieve the goal through all trials, temptations and tribulations.
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Ohio Local - Elder John Case - 06/26/2008
Topic: Examples of good characteristics of behavior and faith that mothers (and fathers) should show to their children and each other.
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NewAccepting Mercy

Ohio Local - Elder John Case - 03/23/2008
Topic: By the action of trying to abide by Jesus commandments, we become able to receive the mercy that He offers. Through grace (mercy) justice is answered. We are not to be saved in our sins, but from our sins. It is by Grace that we are saved after all tha
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NewDo Good

Ohio Local - Elder John Case - 10/28/2007
Topic: When doing good be careful not to do so for vain glory. The Lord knows your heart.
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NewNow Is The Time

Colorado Reunion - Elder John Case - 06/09/2007
Topic: Now is the time to be using our God given gifts to be in service of others. Especially the gift of Charity.
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