Elder Jeff Oldham

NewThree Questions

East Independence Local - Elder Jeff Oldham - 06/27/1999
Topic: 1- Where are we as a church? 2- Where do we want to go? 3- How are we going to get there?
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NewFive Steps to a Relationship With God

East Independence Local - Elder Jeff Oldham - 11/08/1998
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NewA Day Of Rememberance

Teleconference - Elder Jeff Oldham - 04/24/2011
Topic: A moving sermon and beautiful testimonies to encourage us to remember God's mercy and blessings in our lives.
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NewWill A Man Rob God?

Missouri Reunion - Elder Jeff Oldham - 07/28/2012
Topic: A call to all members to give tithes and offerings as we are instructed of our God.
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NewAre You Prepared

Teleconference - Elder Jeff Oldham - 03/27/2011
Topic: God has given each of us gifts and talents. We need to be prepared each day to be used by Him. By Faith in Him we can be prepared to accomplish his work and will.
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NewHave You Thought To Pray

Teleconference - Elder Jeff Oldham - 05/29/2011
Topic: No matter what our challenges we need to think to pray
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NewFollow Me

Teleconference - Elder Jeff Oldham - 06/12/2011
Topic: Even when we feel inadequate or that we should be doing more, we must continue to follow Him. He will use us just as we are.
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NewThe Lord's Plan

Teleconference - Elder Jeff Oldham - 08/14/2011
Topic: God's plan is simple to understand, we have to decide to give our life to God.
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NewKnock and It Shall be Opened

Teleconference - Elder Jeff Oldham - 07/31/2011
Topic: Because God does not change, our calling is to knock and ask
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NewThe Lord Has a Plan

Teleconference - Elder Jeff Oldham - 11/27/2011
Topic: The Lord didn't promise us the path would be easy, but we must not give up for He has a plan.
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NewStrengthen Your Committment

Teleconference - Elder Jeff Oldham - 09/11/2011
Topic: In all things showing thyself a pattern of good works.
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NewSpiritual Inventory

Teleconference - Elder Jeff Oldham - 09/26/2010
Topic: We should take inventory of where we've been, where we're heading, and what we want to accomplish.
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NewTrust In The Lord

Teleconference - Elder Jeff Oldham - 02/13/2011
Topic: We need to trust, acknowledge, and follow God in all that we do.
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NewWe Must Exercise Our Faith

Teleconference - Elder Jeff Oldham - 08/22/2010
Topic: Faith is like a muscle that we have to exercise. If we don't, it can become weak and fade away. Without faith it is impossible to please God. Through the exercising of your faith all things are possible.
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NewThinking of Our Faith

Temple Lot Local - Elder Jeff Oldham - 08/15/2010
Topic: For verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.
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NewStanding on the shoulders of giants

East Independence Local - Elder Jeff Oldham - 05/30/2010
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NewKnow And Serve God

Ohio Local - Elder Jeff Oldham - 04/25/2010
Topic: Know God and trust Him to lead you. We all have been given talents to serve the Lord in His Church. There is something for everyone to do to serve in different roles, responsibilities and callings. Be firm and steadfast in your service and example.
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NewSow Bountifully

Ohio Local - Elder Jeff Oldham - 03/28/2010
Topic: We have the responsibility to follow God's laws, obey His will, and seek forgiveness, and we will be blessed.
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Ohio Local - Elder Jeff Oldham - 11/15/2009
Topic: This is a study of Abinadi and his faith to stand and share the word of God regardless of the reactions of those around him.
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NewWill Your Anchor Hold

Ohio Local - Elder Jeff Oldham - 06/28/2009
Topic: We all have a responsibility to the Lord.
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NewTipping Point

Temple Lot Local - Elder Jeff Oldham - 12/27/2009
Topic: Rely on God and be active listeners. Carry on the name of Christ in the new year. Remember your tipping point, and use this memory to give you strength.
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Ohio Local - Elder Jeff Oldham - 03/08/2009
Topic: Our armor against the devil is incomplete without prayer. Do we practice prayer over everything in our lives?
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NewWhat Is Your Main Focus?

Ohio Local - Elder Jeff Oldham - 10/19/2008
Topic: Walk worthy of carrying the name of Christ with lowliness, meekness, humility and patience. Don't be distracted with every day life. Stay focused on the path of salvation, enduring to the end in Christ. Live in harmony with your brothers and sisters.
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Ohio Local - Elder Jeff Oldham - 11/23/2008
Topic: Draw on the thngs of the Lord - not of the world.
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