Elder Duane Ely

NewFor Unto Us A Child Is Born

Phoenix Local - Elder Duane Ely - 12/23/2012
Topic: Christ was born to establish his church, give us his commandments and die for our sins. But we must be truly converted to his doctrine to obtain salvation.
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FiledResponsibilities of the Members of the Church of Christ

Phoenix Local - Elder Duane Ely - 01/13/2008
Topic: This life is our time to prepare to meet God. The whole duty of man is to fear God and keep His commandments.
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Phoenix Local - Elder Duane Ely - 08/26/2007
Topic: In the last days there will be perilious times and we must put our complete trust in God.
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FiledThe Holy Land

Phoenix Local - Elder Duane Ely - 02/25/2007
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NewWhat's Most Important In Life?

Phoenix Local - Elder Duane Ely - 03/30/2008
Topic: We must always put God first. Our spiritual life is most important.
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NewChrist's Pathway to Eternity

Phoenix Local - Elder Duane Ely - 10/28/2007
Topic: We enter the gate by repentance and baptism, and then we are on the path that leads to eternal life with Christ.
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Phoenix Local - Elder Duane Ely - 09/30/2007
Topic: Repentance is a complete sorrow for our sins. We cannot obtain salvation without repentance.
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NewServing God

Phoenix Local - Elder Duane Ely - 09/02/2007
Topic: When we are in the service of our fellow man, we are serving God. This is our time of probation, a time to repent and to serve God.
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NewThe Holy Land

Colorado Reunion - Elder Duane Ely - 06/08/2007
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NewThere's A Time For Everything

Phoenix Local - Elder Duane Ely - 05/27/2007
Topic: God has appointed a time for everything in our lives.
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NewLiving Waters

Phoenix Local - Elder Duane Ely - 03/25/2007
Topic: Just as water is essential for our physical life, the Living Water of Jesus Christ is essential for our spiritual life.
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Phoenix Local - Elder Duane Ely - 07/29/2007
Topic: In comparing pride and humility, we find a humble people will find grace in the eyes of the Lord.
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