Elder Don Case

NewDon't Have Faith In Your Faith

Temple Lot Local - Elder Don Case - 10/07/2012
Topic: Doubts and fears will creep in at one time or another. We must seek the truth of God and remain faithful in our walk, God will bless us. We have to live our lives according to God even in spite of doubt.
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NewHow to Get Grow and Evaluate Faith

Temple Lot Local - Elder Don Case - 10/07/2012
Topic: Witnessing great mirales does not increase your belief in God because asking for a sign is like asking Him to take away your free will agency. Don't have faith in your faith or trust your trust.Instead desire to know truth above all else.
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Temple Lot Local - Elder Don Case - 02/19/2012
Topic: There is an improper way to aproach God. Pray fervently. Pray that you might have love and faith and that you yield not to temptation.
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NewTo Be A Disciple Is To Be Like Jesus

Temple Lot Local - Elder Don Case - 12/18/2011
Topic: The discipling of Paul. Steps in Paul's discipleship. Our steps in discipleship. Traits of Jesus.
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FiledLessions from Nehemiah - Part 2

Temple Lot Local - Elder Don Case - 08/09/2009
Topic: We have a job to do or a wall to build or repair even as Nehemiah did. There is hard work involved. God has chosen us to be a light to the world. This is all about Him. Let us be up and doing.
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FiledLessons From Nehemiah

Temple Lot Local - Elder Don Case - 06/14/2009
Topic: When there are problems in our lives we must not sit back and do nothing. Preparation is the key. Before tackling any problem we must first pray and humble ourselves before God never forgetting where our strength comes from.
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Temple Lot Local - Elder Don Case - 04/26/2009
Topic: Even as great as our nations is it still supports evil. However, we can overcome through God. He is our spiritual road map, and there are no other Gods besides Him.
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Temple Lot Local - Elder Don Case - 11/16/2008
Topic: A Thanksgiving sermon turned into a program complete with music and puppet show illustrated the importance of being thankful. The fact that there is even a debate about the existence of God is a direct byproduct of the world's failure to give God thanks.
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FiledTake Ownership of Your Sin

Temple Lot Local - Elder Don Case - 02/03/2008
Topic: Brother Case takes a look at King Saul and King David. He gives careful examination of their respective sins and how they responded. He evaluates the sins, the circumstances, the excuses, the remorse, the scope, the repentence, the consequences... etc.
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Temple Lot Local - Elder Don Case - 10/23/2011
Topic: Definition of revival. Formula for revival. My people, called by my name. Humble themselves. Pray. Seek my face. Turn from their wicked ways. Examples of revival.
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NewPride and Consequence

Temple Lot Local - Elder Don Case - 06/26/2011
Topic: Complete with Power Point Presentation this sermon displays the consequences of this sin that scriptures tell us 'God Abhoreth' Too, how pride sows discord through the Church.
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NewA Tribute to Mothers

Temple Lot Local - Elder Don Case - 05/08/2011
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NewThe Big Picture

Temple Lot Local - Elder Don Case - 02/20/2011
Topic: To grow spiritually closer to God we must understand the word of God, we must have a functional knowledge of the relationship with God, we must have an active purposeful labor in the church and outside the church, and we must also examine ourselves.
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NewGrace and Grace Alone

Temple Lot Local - Elder Don Case - 12/05/2010
Topic: Even so I would that ye should remember, and always retain in remembrance, the greatness of God, and your own nothingness, and his goodness and long suffering towards you unworthy creatures.
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NewWho is Sovereign?

Temple Lot Local - Elder Don Case - 10/17/2010
Topic: Who is sovereign in your life? If we think that we know better or if we put ourselves first or if we make more time for ourselves than we do God than we have already answered the question. Let's reevaluate our relationship with God and put Him first.
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NewThe Games We Play With God

Missouri Reunion - Elder Don Case - 07/31/2010
Topic: Step out of your comfort zone. Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.
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NewDeath Defying Grace and Life Giving Love

Temple Lot Local - Elder Don Case - 04/11/2010
Topic: Qualify in this life for eternal life by the choices you make. Restore life to broken relationships. Be full of charity, forgiving, merciful, peaceable with all righteousness. Make a commitment to the relationship you have between you and God.
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NewCome, Abide

Temple Lot Local - Elder Don Case - 03/14/2010
Topic: Diligently seek the Lord with a desire to better know Him. Remember that no one can come to the Father but through the son. Be in constant Communion with God by fasting, praying, and reading the word.
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NewOh Be Ye Reconciled

Temple Lot Local - Elder Don Case - 01/31/2010
Topic: Be reconciled to God before being reconciled to our christian brothers, families, and people around us. Follow Christ's examples, humble yourselves, communicate clear thoughts, confess and correct your mistakes, ask forgiveness, and forgive others.
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Collins Local - Elder Don Case - 10/19/2008
Topic: Through deep, sincere prayer our souls can be revived anytime, anywhere.
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