Elder Dennis Trudgen

NewRules, Rules, Rules

Bradley Local - Elder Dennis Trudgen - 06/16/2013
Topic: Rules are made so we can live with God. Enduring to the end is a process- a marathon- and it takes time. Once we give our life to Christ, we are faced with temptations to draw us away. Follow His commandments.
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NewDefending the Faith

New York Reunion - Elder Dennis Trudgen - 07/13/2013
Topic: The world says to be a good person is all you need to enter Heaven. What is our responsibility to this opinion? How do we defend our faith?
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NewWhy Did Jesus Become Man

Bradley Local - Elder Dennis Trudgen - 07/29/2012
Topic: Jesus came to this earth to understand what it was like to be human and to be able to help us.
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Bradley Local - Elder Dennis Trudgen - 09/26/2010
Topic: Brother Dennis is presenting thoughts and scriptures about the destructive nature of pride in our lives.
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FiledThe Spirit of God

Idaho Reunion - Elder Dennis Trudgen - 05/31/2009
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NewTruth, Deception and Disinformation

New York Reunion - Elder Dennis Trudgen - 07/14/2012
Topic: We are in a spiritual war with satan who appears as an angel of light, but God is all powerful and all knowing.
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Akwesasne Local - Elder Dennis Trudgen - 10/16/2011
Topic: Focusing on effective prayer. Understand all of God's words concerning this, not just bits and pieces.
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NewBe Spiritually Minded

Teleconference - Elder Dennis Trudgen - 12/12/2010
Topic: The world teaches all sorts of abominations that deceive. We must study to do the works of God.
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NewHave Miracles Ceased?

Missouri Reunion - Elder Dennis Trudgen - 07/30/2010
Topic: The Gifts and miracles of God are there for those who have faith. Think of how much more we could have if we were more diligent. By fasting, prayer, and laboring with all of our mights we could increase our faith.
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NewGod's Spiritual Kingdom

Bradley Local - Elder Dennis Trudgen - 12/06/2009
Topic: Brother Dennis talks about the Lord's subjects in His kingdom.
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NewThe Kingdom Of God

Bradley Local - Elder Dennis Trudgen - 12/06/2009
Topic: Brother Dennis talks about God's kingdom on Earth expressed through the organization of His church.
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NewKingdom of God

New York Reunion - Elder Dennis Trudgen - 07/11/2009
Topic: What a blessing it is to be a part of the Church of Christ. If the Spirit of God dwells within us, there is the Kingdom.
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NewAppointed Days

Bradley Local - Elder Dennis Trudgen - 01/11/2009
Topic: The Lord does all things according to exact appointed days and years as kept on the ancient calendar kept by Israel. The seven appointed feast days reflect things that have come and days upon which things will come to pass in the future.
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NewHistory & The Christmas Celebration

Bradley Local - Elder Dennis Trudgen - 12/28/2008
Topic: Although the angels sang & rejoiced at Jesus' birth, there is no historical account of the early church celebrating His birthday. This is an informative, historical & scriptural look at the birth of our Messiah.
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