Elder Dan Lawrence

NewJoy and Humility

Temple Lot Local - Elder Dan Lawrence - 08/18/2013
Topic: We are to be a beaon of hope. A joyful heart is how we shine.We know what we believe and we are not to criticize or contend with other churches. Do we look, act and talk like the humble followers of Christ?
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NewStanding Up For The Truth

Temple Lot Local - Elder Dan Lawrence - 07/22/2012
Topic: We need to stand up for what's right and speak against sin.
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NewTeach Your Children The Standard Of Christ

Temple Lot Local - Elder Dan Lawrence - 07/17/1994
Topic: Teach them the law of God and His standards and that He does not change. The standards of this world always changes along with the laws; but God is the same and so are His expectations of us.
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Temple Lot Local - Elder Dan Lawrence - 04/22/2012
Topic: Preached Gods plan of salvation. We have a lot of temperal needs but not as important and prior to our Spiritual needs. Seek you first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added onto you.
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NewDon't Be a False Prophet

Temple Lot Local - Elder Dan Lawrence - 11/20/2011
Topic: Calling evil good or good evil. Try the spirits. Know good from evil. Hold to the standard. Stand for good.
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NewWe Are Called To Be Righteous Judges

Phoenix Local - Elder Dan Lawrence - 12/04/2011
Topic: God has called us to call that which is good, good and that which is evil, evil.
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NewBe Ye Holy

Temple Lot Local - Elder Dan Lawrence - 09/25/2011
Topic: How to be holy. Gird up your mind. Be ye holy, for I am holy. Conditions to be found acceptable in God's sight
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NewThe Covenant of Baptism

Temple Lot Local - Elder Dan Lawrence - 07/10/2011
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NewFeast on the Words of Christ

Temple Lot Local - Elder Dan Lawrence - 05/15/2011
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NewThe Just Shall Live By Faith

Temple Lot Local - Elder Dan Lawrence - 02/27/2011
Topic: The speaker presented 10 different beliefs that we should posses as faith believing Christians. God has given us His word. We have all the tools necessary and sholuld learn how to use these everyday. Would a carpenter leave his tools behind?
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NewFor with God Nothing is Impossible

Temple Lot Local - Elder Dan Lawrence - 12/12/2010
Topic: If we diligently seek God's direction through study and prayer, we too can be called to do extraordinary things for Him. As Gabriel said to Mary, "For with God nothing shall be impossible."
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NewBeing Spiritually Minded

Temple Lot Local - Elder Dan Lawrence - 10/31/2010
Topic: What does it mean to be spiritual? How do we become more spiritual? How do we know when we are getting there?
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Temple Lot Local - Elder Dan Lawrence - 08/29/2010
Topic: What can we do to find the Peace that Christ Promised
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NewI Walk with Jesus

Missouri Reunion - Elder Dan Lawrence - 07/31/2010
Topic: Yea, let all thy doings be unto the Lord, and whithersoever thou goest, let it be in the Lord; yea, let thy thoughts be directed unto the Lord; yea, let the affections of thy heart be placed upon the Lord for ever; counsel the Lord in all thy doings.
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NewThe Ministry of the Church of Christ

Temple Lot Local - Elder Dan Lawrence - 04/25/2010
Topic: It is God who calls men into the ministry and not man. When the ministry preach they are to speak the words of God and not the words of man. The speaker included the testimony he received at the time he was called to be an elder in the Church of Christ.
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