Elder Charles Brantner

NewStanding on the Promises

East Independence Local - Elder Charles Brantner - 11/20/1994
Topic: The truths of the gospel are evident to those who believe.
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NewGifts of God

Collins Local - Elder Charles Brantner - 05/27/2012
Topic: Protecting God's spirit and how do we beware of the things that spiritually threaten us
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NewTruth and Power

Temple Lot Local - Elder Charles Brantner - 10/02/2011
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NewStanding Against Anti Freedom

East Independence Local - Elder Charles Brantner - 07/03/2011
Topic: Be thankful for everyday that you have on Earth. We live on a land that is especially blessed by God. Although our country was founded as a Christian nation with Christian beliefs, today we can see our Nation is turning away from God.
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NewThe Body of Christ

Missouri Reunion - Elder Charles Brantner - 07/30/2010
Topic: We are all member of one body and we need to be complete. Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is. With zeal and determination exercising faith, making the Lord our primary focus, and being the salt of the earth.
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