Elder Benny Case

NewSelf Direction

Temple Lot Local - Elder Benny Case - 08/23/1987
Topic: Life is a marathon that God requires us to run. Strive for perfection by following God's commandments, not by what people are doing around us. The gospel is a mirror to our soul.
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NewGod's Message In Parables

Teleconference - Elder Benny Case - 04/17/2011
Topic: This sermon addresses some human challenges and with the aide of parables and prophesies gives us the practical advice to help us overcome them.
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Ohio Local - Elder Benny Case - 11/18/2007
Topic: We are called to an active, fruitful faith that bares evidence of to whom we belong.
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NewThe Sacrifice of Service

Teleconference - Elder Benny Case - 05/15/2011
Topic: Using Abinidi and Paul as examples, we need to endure for the sacrifice of those chosen. Keep doing what he asks us to do because somebody out there is listening.
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NewRecap: Colorado Reunion

Teleconference - Elder Benny Case - 06/19/2011
Topic: Our brother rehashes the highlights of the sermons from the Colorado Reunion.
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Teleconference - Elder Benny Case - 12/11/2011
Topic: God moved to fulfill His word from the very beginning to make this life a prepatory state. This is our time to prepare to meet God.
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NewIgnore Distractions

Colorado Reunion - Elder Benny Case - 06/10/2011
Topic: Fear God and keep His commandments.
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NewLiving In Thankfulness

Teleconference - Elder Benny Case - 11/28/2010
Topic: Say your prayers making your needs known to God. We need to be thankful even if we have burdens.
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NewConcerning Baptism

Teleconference - Elder Benny Case - 08/08/2010
Topic: What is baptism, what is its purpose and why is it that way?
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NewWhat Did Jesus Want His Disciples To Glean From His Last Few Hours With Them?

Ohio Local - Elder Benny Case - 04/18/2010
Topic: Love is the common theme woven throughout the heart of God's law, Christ's example and words to us as well as what should be our motivation for showing others our Lord.
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NewBuilding Blocks

Ohio Local - Elder Benny Case - 01/17/2010
Topic: We are called upon individually to be a living testimony of the truth of Christ. The building blocks of this testimony include faith, hope, charity, meekness and a humbleness of heart, among others.
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NewBody Of Christ

Ohio Local - Elder Benny Case - 08/16/2009
Topic: What gift/talent has God given you? What are you doing with it?
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NewThe Christian Fundamentals On The Experiment Of Faith

Ohio Local - Elder Benny Case - 09/20/2009
Topic: The path before us is simple but not easy.
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NewBackpacking on The Old Path

Missouri Reunion - Elder Benny Case - 07/31/2009
Topic: Boy scout backpacking techniques as applied to our salvation. What's in your backpack? Is there room enough for God? Stay on the path and stay with your buddy. Don't try to go too fast.
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NewHang Onto the Gospel in a World Under Siege

Ohio Local - Elder Benny Case - 10/11/2009
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Ohio Local - Elder Benny Case - 02/22/2009
Topic: What is our integrity and how do we come by it?
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NewWhat was Jesus trying to tell us?

Ohio Local - Elder Benny Case - 04/12/2009
Topic: Christ taught us it's not how you appear, but who you really are.
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NewShare Your True Thankfulness

Ohio Local - Elder Benny Case - 11/30/2008
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Ohio Local - Elder Benny Case - 08/17/2008
Topic: It is better to be humble on your own instead of being compelled to be humble. Seek the Lord's face in all tribulation and problems. His people must be humble, repent, pray and change--He will hear and heal.
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NewA Strong Faith

Ohio Local - Elder Benny Case - 10/12/2008
Topic: Nephi is a good example of someone who had a strong living faith. The linking of our faith, our hope love of God and our personal desire for righteousness and testimony needs to bind us to God, which will in turn bind us to each other.
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NewPrepare Yourself

Ohio Local - Elder Benny Case - 01/27/2008
Topic: Prepare yourself by choosing to follow Christs commandments. The Lords way is the true way to prepare for whatever may come. We are called to build up peoples faith, not tear it down.
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NewTeachings of Peter

Ohio Local - Elder Benny Case - 12/16/2007
Topic: We must try to see through Gods eyes instead of our own, in a more humble and less judgmental way. His law is one of liberty and we all have a right to choose disobedience or obedience. If we are truly His children we will obey Him.
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Ohio Local - Elder Benny Case - 10/21/2007
Topic: The Scriptures explain why adults and not little children require baptism.
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