NewKeep God's Commandments

Teleconference - Priest Shaughn Sprague - 12/19/2010
Topic: If we keep God's commandments in this life, He will deliver us out of bondage for eternity.
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NewHang On

Teleconference - Elder Gerry Case - 06/26/2011
Topic: We need to seek truth and not stray from God's path
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NewGod's Message In Parables

Teleconference - Elder Benny Case - 04/17/2011
Topic: This sermon addresses some human challenges and with the aide of parables and prophesies gives us the practical advice to help us overcome them.
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NewA Day Of Rememberance

Teleconference - Elder Jeff Oldham - 04/24/2011
Topic: A moving sermon and beautiful testimonies to encourage us to remember God's mercy and blessings in our lives.
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NewThe Gift Of The Gospel Restored

Teleconference - Elder Robert Oldham - 04/10/2011
Topic: This sermon reminds us to value and treasure the gift we have been given in the restored gospel.
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NewRomans 12:1-2

Teleconference - Elder Gerry Case - 05/08/2011
Topic: As we listen to this sermon, we are given encouragement and scriptures that help us to focus on the need to renew our minds and transform our lives for the service of God.
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NewThe Lord, He is God

Teleconference - Elder Gerry Case - 11/20/2011
Topic: Our God is good and worthy to be praised.
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NewAre You Prepared

Teleconference - Elder Jeff Oldham - 03/27/2011
Topic: God has given each of us gifts and talents. We need to be prepared each day to be used by Him. By Faith in Him we can be prepared to accomplish his work and will.
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NewAttend To Righteousness

Teleconference - Elder Robert Oldham - 07/10/2011
Topic: Depend on Christ for salvation. We can't do it alone. It is our choice to give our all to God and attending to our righteousness.
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NewThe Sacrifice of Service

Teleconference - Elder Benny Case - 05/15/2011
Topic: Using Abinidi and Paul as examples, we need to endure for the sacrifice of those chosen. Keep doing what he asks us to do because somebody out there is listening.
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NewSeek The Lord

Teleconference - Elder Robert Oldham - 05/22/2011
Topic: We need to go to God for the understanding of prophecy.
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NewHave You Thought To Pray

Teleconference - Elder Jeff Oldham - 05/29/2011
Topic: No matter what our challenges we need to think to pray
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NewServing God and Men

Teleconference - Apostle Duane Ely - 03/20/2011
Topic: We can't serve two masters, we need to put Christ first above all other things.
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NewFollow Me

Teleconference - Elder Jeff Oldham - 06/12/2011
Topic: Even when we feel inadequate or that we should be doing more, we must continue to follow Him. He will use us just as we are.
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NewComing Out of Egypt

Teleconference - Elder Mike Hitt - 02/27/2011
Topic: We need to come out of Egypt. We need to face our trials, remember the good that God has done in our lives and not complain like the Israelites did.
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NewThe Lord's Plan

Teleconference - Elder Jeff Oldham - 08/14/2011
Topic: God's plan is simple to understand, we have to decide to give our life to God.
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NewBuild Upon The Rock of Christ

Teleconference - Elder Gerry Case - 02/20/2011
Topic: Building upon the rock of Christ is doing the things He's asked us to do with a pure heart.
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NewRecap: Colorado Reunion

Teleconference - Elder Benny Case - 06/19/2011
Topic: Our brother rehashes the highlights of the sermons from the Colorado Reunion.
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NewKnock and It Shall be Opened

Teleconference - Elder Jeff Oldham - 07/31/2011
Topic: Because God does not change, our calling is to knock and ask
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NewHold Fast to the Rod of Iron

Teleconference - Priest Aadam Yates - 03/13/2011
Topic: Keep a hold of the rod of iron. God has many blessings for us to have if we humble ourselves and hold onto the rod.
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NewLittle Flock

Teleconference - Elder Gerry Case - 10/09/2011
Topic: We are Jesus flock. He cares for us and we should care for each other and be an active part of the body of Christ.
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NewWe Are the Body of Christ

Teleconference - Apostle Smith Brickhouse - 07/17/2011
Topic: We need to use our gifts and talents for the Lord, support each other, and let the spirit direct us.
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NewThe Lord Has a Plan

Teleconference - Elder Jeff Oldham - 11/27/2011
Topic: The Lord didn't promise us the path would be easy, but we must not give up for He has a plan.
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Teleconference - Elder Benny Case - 12/11/2011
Topic: God moved to fulfill His word from the very beginning to make this life a prepatory state. This is our time to prepare to meet God.
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NewFear Not

Teleconference - Elder Gerry Case - 12/25/2011
Topic: If Jesus faced everything without fear, why should we fear?
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NewStrengthen Your Committment

Teleconference - Elder Jeff Oldham - 09/11/2011
Topic: In all things showing thyself a pattern of good works.
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Teleconference - Elder Gerry Case - 10/10/2010
Topic: Believe this is the truth, exercise faith and feast upon the words of God.
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NewShining The Light Of Christ

Teleconference - Priest Aadam Yates - 10/31/2010
Topic: We have a responsibility to hold up the light of Christ in a world of darkness no matter where we are and no matter what the outcome.
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NewLiving In Thankfulness

Teleconference - Elder Benny Case - 11/28/2010
Topic: Say your prayers making your needs known to God. We need to be thankful even if we have burdens.
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NewThe Lord, Our Salvation

Teleconference - Elder Gerry Case - 01/16/2011
Topic: The grace of Jesus is sufficient for us in the time of need.
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NewBe Spiritually Minded

Teleconference - Elder Dennis Trudgen - 12/12/2010
Topic: The world teaches all sorts of abominations that deceive. We must study to do the works of God.
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NewYou Are The Salt Of The Earth

Teleconference - Apostle Jay Moser - 11/14/2010
Topic: We need to be that clean, pure, salt, unspotted by sin to work to preserve the word.
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NewSpiritual Inventory

Teleconference - Elder Jeff Oldham - 09/26/2010
Topic: We should take inventory of where we've been, where we're heading, and what we want to accomplish.
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NewTrust In The Lord

Teleconference - Elder Jeff Oldham - 02/13/2011
Topic: We need to trust, acknowledge, and follow God in all that we do.
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NewThere Is Only One Way

Teleconference - Elder Bob Oldham - 01/23/2011
Topic: Christ gave a path of hope and opportunity to follow. If we follow that path and endure to the end we will be saved.
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NewJoy Vs Sin

Teleconference - Teacher Andrew Brown - 01/19/2011
Topic: Sin is the opposite of joy; so we defeat sin, and our joy will grow.
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NewOur Divine Heritage

Teleconference - Evangelist Marvin Case - 01/30/2011
Topic: Feast upon the words of Christ and cling to Him. The whole world has troubles.
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NewFear God and Keep His Commandments

Teleconference - Apostle Smith Brickhouse - 11/21/2010
Topic: We have responsibilities to God as we walk through our daily life.
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NewWhat's It All About?

Teleconference - Elder Mike Hitt - 07/18/2010
Topic: You must choose. Serve yourself or love and serve God by obeying his commandments. A command is not an "option". A hardened heart will lead you to blindness. Remember your first love- The Lord. Repent and keep your eye single to Him. He loves you.
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NewOvercome Evil With Good

Teleconference - Elder Gerry Case - 09/12/2010
Topic: Forgive those that offend you. If you don't forgive, you will suffer the consequences. Forgiveness benefits your soul. It is not just something to be received but also given. Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.
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NewChrist, Our Atonement

Teleconference - Evangelist Marvin Case - 08/29/2010
Topic: Do not delay the time of your repentance.
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NewWe Must Exercise Our Faith

Teleconference - Elder Jeff Oldham - 08/22/2010
Topic: Faith is like a muscle that we have to exercise. If we don't, it can become weak and fade away. Without faith it is impossible to please God. Through the exercising of your faith all things are possible.
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NewConcerning Baptism

Teleconference - Elder Benny Case - 08/08/2010
Topic: What is baptism, what is its purpose and why is it that way?
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