New York Reunion


New York Reunion - Priest Martin Addie - 06/27/2010
Topic: The tiniest sin causes far-reaching, negative polluting consequences and effects many. Be mindful of the example that you set for others because by your example you can cause others to sin.
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NewAnimal Shelter Comparisons

New York Reunion - Priest Martin Addie - 07/13/2013
Topic: A comparison of pets and people and how they seek attention. Do we respond as God would?
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NewWhat is the Lie?

New York Reunion - Elder Rick Olson - 07/13/2013
Topic: What are the deceptions society and modern churches are preaching? What do the scriptures say about them?
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NewDefending the Faith

New York Reunion - Elder Dennis Trudgen - 07/13/2013
Topic: The world says to be a good person is all you need to enter Heaven. What is our responsibility to this opinion? How do we defend our faith?
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NewBe Ready

New York Reunion - Apostle Smith Brickhouse - 07/12/2013
Topic: Be ready. Do you have on the FULL armor of God? Are you ready to stand and explain why this church is different? Be prepared!
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NewTruth, Deception and Disinformation

New York Reunion - Elder Dennis Trudgen - 07/14/2012
Topic: We are in a spiritual war with satan who appears as an angel of light, but God is all powerful and all knowing.
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NewA Straight Course To Eternal Bilss

New York Reunion - Apostle Duane Ely - 07/13/2012
Topic: If we live righteously and follow the word of God we need not fear, God will always be with us.
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NewFruit Of The Spirit

New York Reunion - Elder Richard Wheaton - 07/14/2012
Topic: The fruit of the spirit should be evident in our lives.
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NewThe Lord Shall Set His Hand Again

New York Reunion - Elder Gordon McCann - 07/14/2012
Topic: Israel is a divided kingdom but they will be reunited.
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New York Reunion - Elder Mike Bevaart - 07/09/2011
Topic: The events and situations that led up to the death of Jesus Christ. Many violations against Jewish Law took place to make his death possible, but He knew His Fathers will and chose that.
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NewCome Ye Apart

New York Reunion - Evangelist Hubert Yates - 07/09/2011
Topic: Separate yourself from the busy world and its cares and seek the Lord alone.
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NewPrepare Ye the Way

New York Reunion - Elder Richard Wheaton - 07/09/2011
Topic: Many in our nation have forgotten where their blessings have come from and turned away from the Lord. The signs are increasing rapidly around us that the time of the end is near. We must continue to go forth and teach all who will hear.
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New York Reunion - Elder Adam Porter - 07/08/2011
Topic: Endure with a steadfast heart. We must strive to endure in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.
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FiledThe Gifts of God

New York Reunion - Elder Jim Yates Jr. - 07/01/2006
Topic: Exploring the gifts of God using a basket of fruit as an example.
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NewOne of the Few

New York Reunion - Priest Aadam Yates - 07/11/2009
Topic: For if we would judge ourselves, we would not be judged.
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NewJustifying Our Actions

New York Reunion - Priest Bill Malone - 07/10/2009
Topic: If we are lax in our physical and spiritual actions, we not only set a wrong example for family and friends, but will be held accountable on Judgement Day.
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NewNothing New

New York Reunion - Elder Keith Hoare - 07/11/2009
Topic: God's plan is awesome - hearken unto His word from the beginning of creation to the end of judgement.
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NewKingdom of God

New York Reunion - Elder Dennis Trudgen - 07/11/2009
Topic: What a blessing it is to be a part of the Church of Christ. If the Spirit of God dwells within us, there is the Kingdom.
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NewThe Responsibility of Blessings

New York Reunion - Apostle Smith Brickhouse - 07/12/2008
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NewOur Journey

New York Reunion - Elder Adam Porter - 07/11/2008
Topic: We must go through trials in our journey to reach the destination.
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