Missouri Reunion

NewFaithfulness: A Real Drencher

Missouri Reunion - Elder Bill Gould - 07/31/2009
Topic: Faith is given to us from God. When God gives you faith it makes it hard to doubt.
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NewWho We Are

Missouri Reunion - Apostle Smith Brickhouse - 07/28/2013
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NewMake a Stand

Missouri Reunion - Elder Bob Hedrick - 07/27/2013
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NewStorms in Life

Missouri Reunion - Elder Chris Moran - 07/27/2013
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NewAre We Ready?

Missouri Reunion - Elder Donald Gill - 07/26/2013
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NewHow It's Made

Missouri Reunion - Priest Kevin McGhee - 07/26/2013
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NewWho God Is

Missouri Reunion - Elder Leslie Case - 07/26/2013
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NewBe Prepared

Missouri Reunion - Elder Oren Caviness - 05/30/1977
Topic: Be prepared to face the trials that befall us as Christians
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NewFood For The Soul

Missouri Reunion - Elder Rick Olson - 07/29/2011
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NewWhat Impact for Good Can One Person Have?

Missouri Reunion - Apostle Joel Yates - 07/31/2011
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NewThe Natural Man

Missouri Reunion - Priest Bill Malone - 07/27/2012
Topic: To overcome the natural man through giving up our will to God's will is the path to eternal life
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NewUnderstanding God

Missouri Reunion - Apostle Roland Sarratt - 07/29/2012
Topic: God's blessing is to all mankind. We must seek to understand what is required to receive that blessing.
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NewTo Be United

Missouri Reunion - Elder Alvin Harris - 07/27/2012
Topic: A look at the role reunions have in our being a united people.
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NewPlan of Redemption

Missouri Reunion - Elder Jim Case - 07/28/2012
Topic: God's plan of redemption is not free. We must follow set rules if we want to be included
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Missouri Reunion - Elder Brandon Tarbell - 07/27/2012
Topic: God has chosen us to represent Him in these last days, here are some examples of what we should be doing.
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NewWill A Man Rob God?

Missouri Reunion - Elder Jeff Oldham - 07/28/2012
Topic: A call to all members to give tithes and offerings as we are instructed of our God.
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FiledMiracles of God

Missouri Reunion - Elder Albert Leighton Floyd - 07/30/2011
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FiledOur Judgment Day

Missouri Reunion - Elder Aaron Heath - 07/29/2011
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NewA Believing Church

Missouri Reunion - Priest Bruce Haines - 07/29/2011
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FiledChrist is our Example

Missouri Reunion - Elder Darin Crull - 07/30/2010
Topic: Even as Jesus Christ obeyed His Father's commandments so should we follow His example that we might receive the Holy Ghost and speak with new tongues. Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your father.
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NewMeet Together Oft

Missouri Reunion - Apostle Frank Fann - 08/01/2010
Topic: It is important to meet together often because it is a commandment. It also promotes fellowship, it helps us endure to the end, it allows us to comfort one another, and it helps us to keep each other accountable.
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NewThe Lord Has Spoken To Us

Missouri Reunion - Elder Eugene Gould - 08/15/1987
Topic: Turn back unto God and believe in Him. God will not continue to strive with us unless we are making an effort to serve Him to the best of our abilities.
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NewI Walk with Jesus

Missouri Reunion - Elder Dan Lawrence - 07/31/2010
Topic: Yea, let all thy doings be unto the Lord, and whithersoever thou goest, let it be in the Lord; yea, let thy thoughts be directed unto the Lord; yea, let the affections of thy heart be placed upon the Lord for ever; counsel the Lord in all thy doings.
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NewThe Games We Play With God

Missouri Reunion - Elder Don Case - 07/31/2010
Topic: Step out of your comfort zone. Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.
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NewHave Miracles Ceased?

Missouri Reunion - Elder Dennis Trudgen - 07/30/2010
Topic: The Gifts and miracles of God are there for those who have faith. Think of how much more we could have if we were more diligent. By fasting, prayer, and laboring with all of our mights we could increase our faith.
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NewThe Body of Christ

Missouri Reunion - Elder Charles Brantner - 07/30/2010
Topic: We are all member of one body and we need to be complete. Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is. With zeal and determination exercising faith, making the Lord our primary focus, and being the salt of the earth.
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NewBackpacking on The Old Path

Missouri Reunion - Elder Benny Case - 07/31/2009
Topic: Boy scout backpacking techniques as applied to our salvation. What's in your backpack? Is there room enough for God? Stay on the path and stay with your buddy. Don't try to go too fast.
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NewHope of Zion

Missouri Reunion - Apostle Smith Brickhouse - 08/02/2009
Topic: God is unchangeable. The Scriptures are Gods word. We are in the last days. God has a plan. There shall be a cleansing, but the righteous need not fear. We must be diligent and stripped of pride. God will provide two places of refuges.
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NewThe Righteous Need Not Fear

Missouri Reunion - Elder Trevor Wratt - 08/01/2009
Topic: With all the wickedness that is taking place in the world today if we will but walk in the path of righteousness the Lord will walk beside us.
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NewYouth Camp Report

Missouri Reunion - Priest Rusty Granger - 08/01/2009
Topic: The speaker testified to the presence of the spirit of God at Youth Camp. The speaker wrote down that the work of the gospel is about lifting up. Keep your prayers for your youth.
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NewThe Practical Application

Missouri Reunion - Elder Andy Brown - 07/31/2009
Topic: The word of God should move us to action. Here are some example of how we can physically apply the word of God to our daily lives. We are also reminded of how a little evil can magnify itself and cause great harm to the whole body.
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Missouri Reunion - Apostle Jay Moser - 08/03/2008
Topic: Brother Moser takes a look at Missouri's place in the history of the world. He also considers the place Missouri occupies in God's plan. This sermon is packed with history, events, dates, and observations from an Apostle of the Lord.
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Missouri Reunion - Elder Gerald Cox - 07/27/2007
Topic: This sermon focuses on encouraging statements and lessons from The Book of Hebrews. The speaker refers to them as "Let Us" exhortations.
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Missouri Reunion - Apostle Roland Sarratt - 07/29/2007
Topic: There is a power that exists in the Church of Christ that is often overlooked. Don't take for granted the authority of the priesthood, the Book of Mormon and the existance of The Church of Christ.
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NewIs Your All on the Altar/Abraham's Sacrifice

Missouri Reunion - Elder Bob Hedrick - 07/28/2007
Topic: We must emulate Abraham's Sacrifice. God doesn't want our excess He wants our all. Anything less is a polluted offering and an impure sacrifice. Don't give God a blind cow. Our all must be on the altar without reservation.
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NewGod's Elect

Missouri Reunion - Elder Brandon Tarbell - 07/27/2007
Topic: As the elect of God we are to awaken to our sense of duty. There are certain responsibilities and issues 'the elect' have to face including, tolerance, freedom, temptation, pride and tithing. Enduring to the end means pressing forward, not standing still.
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NewThe Holy Spirit

Missouri Reunion - Elder Gerry Case - 07/28/2007
Topic: The Holy Spirit is working in the hearts of men. Be awake and be ready. Keep 'fishing' for those souls whose heart God has touched. Be happy workers for the Lord, busy, active and constant in prayer. Don't procrastinate. God is busy. Are you?
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Missouri Reunion - Elder Randy Sheldon - 07/27/2007
Topic: An illustration of the contrasts and then the similarities between unbelievers and believers who are not seperated from the world. Summation includes some things the Lord has called us to do to be called 'believers'.
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