Idaho Reunion

FiledOur Father

Idaho Reunion - Evangelist Hubert Yates - 06/03/2007
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FiledOur Purpose In Life

Idaho Reunion - Apostle Duane Ely - 05/30/2009
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FiledFind Your Way To The Love of God

Idaho Reunion - Apostle Duane Ely - 06/14/2008
Topic: Scriptures describe the tree of life as representing the love of God. The way to that tree is the Christ and His words, example and commandments. The Rod of Iron is the Word of God that we must study and embrace to find our way to the tree.
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FiledThe Spirit of God

Idaho Reunion - Elder Dennis Trudgen - 05/31/2009
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Filed2010 Idaho Reunion Brian McIndoo

Idaho Reunion - Apostle Brian McIndoo - 06/26/2010
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FiledAre You Ready To Meet God Today?

Idaho Reunion - Apostle Brian McIndoo - 06/15/2008
Topic: Press forward with your eye on the mark. This prolationary time is meant for us to prepare and be ready. Put off the natural man. Hold fast to the word of God and be spiritually born of Him.
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Idaho Reunion - Elder Rich Bove - 05/30/2009
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NewI Want To Be With Him

Idaho Reunion - Apostle Jay Moser - 05/30/2009
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NewAre Your Barriers Dropped?

Idaho Reunion - Elder Rich Bove - 06/14/2008
Topic: Don't let life's disappointments get you down. God cares about today, not yesterday. Move forward. God allows challenges in our lives to help us grow. Learn to lean on Him if need be. Accept tribulatons with tanksgiving. He blesses us and is with us.
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NewHe Is The Vine

Idaho Reunion - Apostle Joel Yates - 06/15/2008
Topic: The constant war between joy and misery rages on in our lives every day. Jesus Christ came to champion a life of joy for us and satan a life full of misery. God gives us the freedom to choose who we will serve.
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NewKeep The Word In Your Heart

Idaho Reunion - Evangelist Hubert Yates - 06/14/2008
Topic: God has told us to study His eternal life giving words as found in te Bible and Book of Mormon. By doing so we can help others come to the truth and avoid being tricked by the enemy.
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NewThe Restored Gospel

Idaho Reunion - Elder Rodger Bruner - 06/02/2007
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