Collins Rally

FiledForgive and Repent

Collins Rally - Priest Martin Addie - 10/18/2009
Topic: We need to forgive our brothers and repent of our pride of possessions.
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NewGod Has a Plan for Us

Collins Rally - Elder Mark Hill - 10/16/2011
Topic: We need to trust in the Lord and let Him use us, and He will take us where He wants us to go.
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NewThe End Times

Collins Rally - Apostle Roland Sarratt - 10/21/2007
Topic: We need to prepare for what's to come and be more spiritually minded so God will find us faithful in the end.
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NewGlorify God

Collins Rally - Elder Leslie Case - 10/18/2009
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NewDavid & Goliath

Collins Rally - Priest Bill Malone - 10/18/2009
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NewAnger and Forgiveness

Collins Rally - Elder Glenn Gill - 10/17/1993
Topic: Don't hold on to anger toward others, speak the truth in love, and always be willing to forgive.
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